This website has been created with the nude idea of sharing photography and stories of people from distant lands, as an attempt of changing our perspective in life trying to reproduce others people sight. 

Ain't universal true about us...All we know is that once we belonged to the same family whom roamed around planet Earth couple of thousands year ago. Somehow, we all became slightly different compared to our dear brother and cousins, and so on the story of human race continued till today. 

By displaying pictures&stories of some of my greatest memories I just wanted to encourage you to fly away and explore those dream destinations by yourself. Every single journey can only be told by the main protagonist of that unique story which can only take place once in time, somewhere in the space; so..what are you waiting for? Lets free our mind from temporary barriers or distances, come join this photo trip around the globe…

A special thanks to  two of my favorite people ever: my mom Marisa and her sister Sandra for supporting this project from the very beginning without doubts. When I personally proposed this idea on the table i was shocked by the answear of both of them:"..hmm yes sure.. but is this gonna be about your previous travels or the ones yet to come..?" They really know me well.

 I am looking forward to see some of your articles and photos being post on this website as well. Gracias, las amo. 

Kindly, I also suggest to all of you who want to help and support this site's maintenance by visiting our online shop gallery. Your support is very important in order to carry on taking risks, jumping off cliffs and sneaking into some dodgy hoods just to bring ya more amazing shots and incredible scenes of exotic destinations.  

Would you be brave enough to forget everything you know and start all over again using a different empty SIM card? Get yourself ready for the action...

Dear friends , from the bottom of my heart with love. A.D

pH: Nessy Rayner, All Hands and Hearts 2017. Sindupalchuk district, Nepal.


Marisa Del Valle


Thanks Sandra Copetti