Ivory or plomo?

It was a long ride in this crowdy bus filled with smelly passengers, animals and hackers trying to sell their merchandise along the way. Nothing too serious to worry about in Kenya nowadays.

Met a very charming little girl who said that i should watch a film: the Ivory Game. That was the moment when i realized the importance of this matter in Africa. Not a big fan of this Hollywood material but still it opened up my eyes to a new affair: the killing of thousands of beautiful elephants in East Africa.

Some people swear that it all begun when the Chinese medium upper class market made a move towards a very valuable thing in their hierarchy scale: Ivory. 

The facts talk by themselves, Kenya had 35,000 elephants in the late 1960s, but by the late 1980s, elephants numbered just 6,500, an 80 percent fall. Organized and heavily armed gangs are targeting the elephant population, while conservationists are doing whatever they can to save the species. The high value of this item gave them a name ''white gold''. Indeed, this species still in faster extinction as time goes by.

Tsavo National Park was targeted as a main location for illegal activities during the 90's.

well organized gangs continue poaching east africa on the hunt for tusks, with all the hardships that the face in the bush plus a badly paid exploited salary these killers remain alert in order to get away from rangers radars and helicopters. 

Expertise advice assured that as long as the chinese market remains ''legal'' no human soul on earth can guarantee the longevity of the elephant population in East Africa, in Africa as a whole.