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Roaming around Kathamandú  a couple of years ago I had this crazy idea coming up to my mind: get a tattoo in one of the most unclean and messed up places i had been at the time...hmm reconsidering all over again. Fuck yeah, let's do this!

After a little research by internet got to know this well known studio in Thamel. Mohan's Tattoo Inn. As soon as i walked in they treated me like a brother and not long after that moment we were having a beer and smoked up at the rooftop views of the city.

Many travelers say that they would never visit same place or country twice again: don't trust them 99% of them are actually lying and always go back to their beloved ones.

Well after this first encounter Nepal became one of those places in my life... where I left part of my life be cause the people I met there. From now, a second family away from...HOME??

Forever grateful for my friends( most of them are tattoo artists) not only for being cool and friendly but also for open the front door to me, welcome me at anytime of the day and for treating me like a brother rather than a foreigner or customer.

If you are planning on visiting Nepal and wanna get a HQ tattoo please let me know!!! i will put you in contact with them

I hope everyone is still glowing back in my favorite city, my best wishes for you and your families mero Sathi...

Here some of their Art Work which will be forever on my skin.

See you soon again, Love.

Ph: Srijan Ulan


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