Revealing secrets of the southern lands

¨..a hundread million years of History can´t be wiped away so easily..¨B Marley

Found myself hanging out with this old fella,finally at my age of 28 i got the chance of visiting this well known region of Patagonia in Argentina, my home country.

A long drive of 2000km down south lead us straight to our first stop for this blog talking about the petrified forest in Santa Cruz province.

From main national road N3 gotta turn right in land away from the coastline about 40km offroad.With the volcanic eruptions, at the beginning of the Cretaceous, and the beginning of the uplift of the Cordillera, the Patagonian territory was buried with ashes and lava and the forests were petrified.

The fact that this national monument remains free makes it even more interesting considering high fees charged in my beloved country when it comes to wildlife and national parks. Only a small percentage of argentinean tourists visit this region due the price of accomodation and transport; visitors come mostly from overseas.

a bit info about this place: 

On May 5, 1954, the Petrified Forests Natural Monument was created to incorporate into the system of national protected areas the remarkable fossil flora bank of 10,000 hectares. However, the magnitude and importance of the deposit, recognized by national and foreign specialists, motivated that together with other reasons, the Agrarian Council of Santa Cruz, in 1984, contributed some 5000 hectares more. Later, the Administration of National Parks acquires the properties of two neighboring estancias, which reaches the surface of 61,245 hectares. On December 27, 2012, Law 26,825 was enacted through which the Petrified Forests of Jaramillo National Park was created.

Enjoy a friendly little walk to the view point! 

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