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Posted July 01, 2018

My name is Agustin Di Gennaro. I was born and bred in Argentina, 1989 and this is a kindness story (Please excuse my English - it’s not my strength :)).

Growing up most people tried to tell me back home about "the others," the people from that distant land the ones whom no one dares to meet and this story repeats itself all over again whether the Indian's said about Pakistani's or Ugandan's about the Sudanese. This sort of gossip talk has become a kind of superstition on a daily basis for me, no exception is a general rule for my life. I much rather discover things and places or individuals by myself than condition my perception of them just because of someone else’s opinion. It seems to me that some people around, and also my TV, radio or even that politic propaganda every four years kind of thing is trying really hard to convince me that the world is filled with violence, crime and horrible creatures.

So, I doubted myself. Is my country, my city and my town out of control? Since when?

I was a bit confused about what is this capacity of being good and kind? Is it something we inherit from our ancestors or kin? Is it actually an ability that we can improve and shape?  I sailed away on the hunt for my own answers…

I adopted the idea of taking photography of these acts and situations in which people are showing their greatness and their other remarkable values are displayed. Sometimes, not even words are needed, the picture talks by itself. Using this way, I realized that I could share more about some experiences and facts I appreciate from other humans.

I wish you no confusion at all, not trying to deny facts and affairs from our civilization which has committed some of the cruellest acts to this planet as a whole in our entire in history. That belongs to the past now, we are living in the greenest period of our era, we humans somehow slowly but surely entered in the process of learning how to coexist with each other.

Challenging the voices around my head, I would like to make a statement of honour in here: I will be perseverant and continue until my days are gone with this incredible search for love and magic, the one I found long time ago in a humble house on the outskirts of a city. The one I find everyday of my life. Thanks to all you magic people. Practice the goodness in your heart.

Some incredible human beings taught me my first experience away from home, and this printed a picture of kindness in my head. A picture I could never forget, a picture that motivates me from the very beginning in my hardest days when I got really disappointed by somebody on the road. It makes me trust the unknown and dare to explore more about a person not only surfaces and appearances.

And so on, I spent a few years now thinking that I was going to dangerous places as people said but I found no criminals, rapists or thieves walking around town or even in that dodgy country everybody talks about…nothing.

I know I am only a dude with a backpack and ain’t changing anything in the world but this story is not about me after all, it has a purpose of giving you the courage and motivation to discover new places, visit exciting landspaces and even more important; meet fantastic people and find what we do have in common despite of our clear differences. …

Don’t be fooled and blinded by the sorrows, go get your own impressions and experiences out there.

Kindly, Gus

Amigo, Globetrotter and Magic Maker🌎💫


Gus' adventurous magic can be found on instagram as pablogusmariachi

"I will be perseverant and continue until my days are gone with this incredible search for love and magic...The one I find everyday of my life. " Supplied: Globetrotter, Instagram


Life's priorities a subjective matter

India is the fastest growing population on this planet. Even though the country itself suffers from several issues originated from this fact, a new born babe is still considered a gift from some of their 1000 gods. 

accordingly TO http://www.worldometers.info iNDIA HAS A POPULATION LIVE OF 1.351.000.000 APPROX. is believed to grow increasingly up to 1.500.000.000 in the next few years. THE BIGGEST MASS EVER BUT WHY IS SO UNCONTROLLED? here some numbers to give you an idea of this vast area and its current situation

  • India population is equivalent to 17.74% of the total world population.
  • on average an Indian person lives only up to 27 years.
  • 33% of the population lives in urban areas
  • Uttar pradesh is the state with highest rates of violence and crime.
  • Birth rate19.3 births/1,000 population (2016 est.)

  • Infant mortality rate 41 deaths/1,000 live births (2016 est.)

As you may know already India is a very religious place on this planet where people with different beliefs coexist with each other, mostly peacefully..

But not a minor thing i wanted to point out be cause india is such a sacred particular place on this planet and people seem to believe in their roots and destiny deeply, marriage and birth are two very important moments of their lives.

currently the government has decided to take part in this controversial situation of birth rates specially be cause hunger, diseases and human traffic has increased within.  

once i heard this slogan ''come to america, here the land of the free... i just realized that actually might india could have been the land of the free taking only in consideration this indicators of freedom.

god bless mother india, our past and (probably) our future as a generation.



Sleeper class of an Indian train, Mumbai 2017 

Sleeper class of an Indian train, Mumbai 2017 

Coffee! the most magnificent discovery in thousand years?

Let's talk a bit about a one of the top commodities in the world.

The origin and history of coffee date back to the 10th century, probably earlier considering previous documents, legends and reports which take us back another few centuries. The birth place of this plant is believed to have been in Ethiophia, Africa. 

The earliest evidence of drinkable coffee has been found in Yemen, 15th century. Rapidly spreading around middle east, south India and Turkey and northern Africa. Reaching Italy, rest of Europe and southeast Asia before showing up in America.

Yemeni traders brought coffee back to their homeland and began to cultivate the bean.The word qahwa originally meant wine, and Sufis in Yemen used the beverage as an aid to concentration and as a kind of spiritual intoxication when they chanted the name of God

Coffee was first introduced to Europe on the island of Malta.

The International Coffee Agreement (ICA) is an international commodity agreement between coffee producing countries and consuming countries. First signed in 1962, it is aimed at maintaining exporting countries' quotas and keeping coffee prices high and stable in the market,[1] mainly using export quotas to steer the price.[2] The International Coffee Organization, the controlling body of the agreement, represents all major coffee producing countries and most consuming countries

On the top ten producing countries:


Research suggests that moderate caffeine consumption does not alter total body water and fluid distribution and drinking a variety of caffeinated beverages, such as coffee, can contribute to meeting the body’s requirement for fluids

Insight of nutritional information about a cup of black coffee:







  • The addition of milk, cream, sugar or other sweeteners to taste will affect the final nutritional value and may increase the calorie content.
  • The type of water used in preparation (i.e. hard or soft water) may influence the micronutrient content of a cup of black coffee, particularly in relation to calcium and magnesium levels

Worldwide we consume about 145 million bags of coffee a year - that's almost 10 million tons of coffee.

Coffee beans, Uganda 2017

Coffee beans, Uganda 2017

Ivory or plomo?

It was a long ride in this crowdy bus filled with smelly passengers, animals and hackers trying to sell their merchandise along the way. Nothing too serious to worry about in Kenya nowadays.

Met a very charming little girl who said that i should watch a film: the Ivory Game. That was the moment when i realized the importance of this matter in Africa. Not a big fan of this Hollywood material but still it opened up my eyes to a new affair: the killing of thousands of beautiful elephants in East Africa.

Some people swear that it all begun when the Chinese medium upper class market made a move towards a very valuable thing in their hierarchy scale: Ivory. 

The facts talk by themselves, Kenya had 35,000 elephants in the late 1960s, but by the late 1980s, elephants numbered just 6,500, an 80 percent fall. Organized and heavily armed gangs are targeting the elephant population, while conservationists are doing whatever they can to save the species. The high value of this item gave them a name ''white gold''. Indeed, this species still in faster extinction as time goes by.

Tsavo National Park was targeted as a main location for illegal activities during the 90's.

well organized gangs continue poaching east africa on the hunt for tusks, with all the hardships that the face in the bush plus a badly paid exploited salary these killers remain alert in order to get away from rangers radars and helicopters. 

Expertise advice assured that as long as the chinese market remains ''legal'' no human soul on earth can guarantee the longevity of the elephant population in East Africa, in Africa as a whole.




TattooArtWork Lifestyle

Roaming around Kathamandú  a couple of years ago I had this crazy idea coming up to my mind: get a tattoo in one of the most unclean and messed up places i had been at the time...hmm reconsidering all over again. Fuck yeah, let's do this!

After a little research by internet got to know this well known studio in Thamel. Mohan's Tattoo Inn. As soon as i walked in they treated me like a brother and not long after that moment we were having a beer and smoked up at the rooftop views of the city.

Many travelers say that they would never visit same place or country twice again: don't trust them 99% of them are actually lying and always go back to their beloved ones.

Well after this first encounter Nepal became one of those places in my life... where I left part of my life be cause the people I met there. From now, a second family away from...HOME??

Forever grateful for my friends( most of them are tattoo artists) not only for being cool and friendly but also for open the front door to me, welcome me at anytime of the day and for treating me like a brother rather than a foreigner or customer.

If you are planning on visiting Nepal and wanna get a HQ tattoo please let me know!!! i will put you in contact with them

I hope everyone is still glowing back in my favorite city, my best wishes for you and your families mero Sathi...

Here some of their Art Work which will be forever on my skin.

See you soon again, Love.

Ph: Srijan Ulan


Back Piece

All the way down

one jumper, pair of socks and underwear, 3 whole salamis and only one bottle of red Malbec: things were getting ready for our trip down south. Left Cordoba on a long way towards Calafate in order to visit Perito Moreno glacier.

I could never have imagined a place like this in my own country! Apologies for being a bit ignorant but the fact that i was born only 2165 km away from this beauty speaks for itself.

Throughout this journey sitting and serving countless liters of typical argentinean ''Mate'' herbs we realized how diverse and amazing this land is.

Unfortunately due the remoteness of this wonderful site not many people are capable of visiting this area.

Exclusive and bit expensive Calafate town is the main base point if you want to visit the glacier. Rich foreigners and off road motorbikes all around! 

Argentina has been suffering from its historical issues since independence days: pretty bad distribution of the population makes Patagonia still today a far away remote land that attracts less than 15% of the local tourism industry every year.   

Now a bit of info of Perito Moreno from wikipedia.com

The Perito Moreno Glacier (SpanishGlaciar Perito Moreno) is a glacier located in the Los Glaciares National Park in southwest Santa Cruz Province, Argentina. It is one of the most important tourist attractions in the Argentinian Patagonia.

The 250 km2 (97 sq mi) ice formation, and 30 km (19 mi) in length, is one of 48 glaciers fed by the Southern Patagonian Ice Fieldlocated in the Andes system shared with Chile. This ice field is the world's third largest reserve of fresh water.

The Perito Moreno Glacier, located 78 kilometres (48 mi) from El Calafate, was named after the explorer Francisco Moreno, a pioneer who studied the region in the 19th century and played a major role in defending the territory of Argentina in the conflict surrounding the international border dispute with Chile.

A picture, a glance, a moment at certain vibe...

Come down south and visit this magnificent creation, Visit Patagonia.




Revealing secrets of the southern lands

¨..a hundread million years of History can´t be wiped away so easily..¨B Marley

Found myself hanging out with this old fella,finally at my age of 28 i got the chance of visiting this well known region of Patagonia in Argentina, my home country.

A long drive of 2000km down south lead us straight to our first stop for this blog talking about the petrified forest in Santa Cruz province.

From main national road N3 gotta turn right in land away from the coastline about 40km offroad.With the volcanic eruptions, at the beginning of the Cretaceous, and the beginning of the uplift of the Cordillera, the Patagonian territory was buried with ashes and lava and the forests were petrified.

The fact that this national monument remains free makes it even more interesting considering high fees charged in my beloved country when it comes to wildlife and national parks. Only a small percentage of argentinean tourists visit this region due the price of accomodation and transport; visitors come mostly from overseas.

a bit info about this place: 

On May 5, 1954, the Petrified Forests Natural Monument was created to incorporate into the system of national protected areas the remarkable fossil flora bank of 10,000 hectares. However, the magnitude and importance of the deposit, recognized by national and foreign specialists, motivated that together with other reasons, the Agrarian Council of Santa Cruz, in 1984, contributed some 5000 hectares more. Later, the Administration of National Parks acquires the properties of two neighboring estancias, which reaches the surface of 61,245 hectares. On December 27, 2012, Law 26,825 was enacted through which the Petrified Forests of Jaramillo National Park was created.

Enjoy a friendly little walk to the view point! 

Visit Patagonia, Argentina.